The Berry Interesting Lawsuit: Pop-Tarts Sued for Packaging Discrepancy

Some people are very passionate about their strawberries. One women feels so strongly about the content of her Pop-Tarts that she has served Kellogg’s with a lawsuit. The suit suggests that the packaging of Strawberry Pop-Tarts misrepresents the content of the pastry. The packaging reportedly fails to indicate that a significant portion of the ingredients are not actually strawberry. Apples and peaches are also included in the mix, and the $5 million lawsuit states advertising the product as only strawberry is deceptive and misleading.

Food products have been under heavy scrutiny in recent years, with similar lawsuits emerging. The effectiveness of these legal actions have varied, depending on the judge. The fact is, packaging is an essential factor in marketing retail products, and consistent wording is just as important as eye-catching colors.

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  • BRAND: Kellogg’s

AUTHOR: Zach Dunphy
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