Peanut App Connects Moms Throughout the World

If you’re a mom and you’re looking to connect with other moms, where do you go? If you immediately shouted “Peanut!” we commend you for knowing the answer we were looking for—pat yourself on the back.

For those that don’t know, Peanut is an app that was developed by Michelle Kennedy after her first baby was born. The app was designed to show moms who have similar-aged children and who live in close proximity with each other. It creates matches based on shared interests and then lets users chat, arrange meetups and share experiences based on meaningful topics. If you’re thinking it sounds a lot like Tinder, you’re not alone. The New York Times wrote that it was “An app for mothers who missed out on Tinder.” In addition to The NYT, Michelle’s app has also been featured in Fortune, BBC, Vogue and was even the winner of Apple’s coveted best apps award in 2017.

According to Peanut’s website, “Motherhood can be challenging, and Michelle’s focus is to reduce these feelings and empower women to unite, all over the world.” This is a great example of an entrepreneur that identified a need and gave birth to a beautiful baby solution.

  • SOURCE: Peanut
  • BRAND: Peanut
  • WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: Because you’re a mom and need to have adult conversations.