Petco Brands Itself As a Health & Wellness Company

Petco, which has been around since 1965 and operates 100 locations, announced that it has officially rebranded as Petco, The Health & Wellness Co. As part of the effort, the company announced that it will no longer sell electric shock collars. According to Petco CEO Ron Coughlin, “Electricity may be critical to powering your microwave, but it has no role for the average pet parent training their dog. Shock collars have been shown to increase fear, anxiety and stress in dogs, and we believe there’s a better way – Positive Reinforcement Training.”

This is a smart move and one that is very timely. Pet ownership has seen a surge during the pandemic and according to American Pet Products Association, people in the Unites States alone will spend close to 100 billion on their furry family members. Creating and building a stronger bond between the influx of new pet owners and Petco’s well-established brand seems like a no-brainer.

  • SOURCE: Fortune
  • BRAND: Petco
  • WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: Pets need to focus on health & wellness too!