Plant-Based Tuna is Coming to a Sushi Restaurant Near You

There’s always BUZZ surrounding sustainability and the oceans are high up on the list of places we need to protect. Since tuna is one of the most consumed and second most wild caught fish in the world, Finless Foods developed a cell-cultured version of the popular seafood using plant ingredients, in an effort to help solve the challenging problem of sustainability. The tuna product uses nine whole ingredients and is made as a sushi-grade option for those who can’t eat seafood because of allergies, for health-related concerns, or those who are conscious of their food sources.

This is another example of how the huge influx of plant-based foods is opening doors for brands to develop and introduce new products to satiate untapped markets. Challenges are inevitable, but it’s nice to see innovation happening at all levels. Let’s just hope we can try one of these in a spicy tuna roll… soon!

  • SOURCE: Finless Foods
  • BRANDS: Finless Foods