POM Wonderful is Getting Rid of Your Worry Monster

The Wonderful Company is no stranger to beautifully strange advertising. They’ve been at the heart of a few unusual and interesting efforts that we’ve covered on Speaking Human in the past, including POM Wonderful’s man who was “impaled by a dolphin” ad and the Wonderful Pistachios “Put a smile on your snack face” ad series.

More recently, the company developed a new campaign that features out-of-work worry monsters. In the series, POM Wonderful is at the heart of why the monsters are jobless. The spots are centered around a manic monologue from each worry monster as they describe how their human companions aren’t affected by their anxiety-inducing rants, all after drinking the wonderfully healthy pomegranate juice.

In addition to the ad spots, POM Wonderful has a landing portal that supports the effort. The site delivers an experience where the worries that plague our human existence are showcased by some depressed-looking monsters. One might go as far as feeling sorry for these sad looking creatures whose jobs have been eliminated by POM Wonderful and its ability to make us #CrazyHealthy.

What do you think of this monster-themed campaign by POM Wonderful—and do you think the antioxidant will get rid of your worry monster?

  • SOURCE: POM Wonderful
  • BRANDS: POM Wonderful
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Because you fight anxiety too and want to get rid of your own personal worry monster.

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