Preparing for the Holidays

Yep! It’s hard to believe, but the holidays are here once again. It seems like every year comes and goes in the blink of an eye. So why not hit the ground running this year and get a head start on the holiday shopping season?

Pinching Pennies
I think we can all agree that the economy has not been kind lately. Many people are holding onto their money pretty tight these days. Which is why this year it is especially important to deliver exceptional customer sevice while providing new and value oriented incentives to your customers. A positive outlook always creates an opportunity to win new customers, and to keep the loyalty of existing ones. Where there’s an incentive…there is a way!

It Depends On You
Are you in retail? Or do you you provide a service? What you give as an incentive is totally dependent on your core business.

If you’re in the retail industry…
Try focusing your advertising messages around deals like “Items Under $10” or “5 Under 20”. Make them feel like their dollar is being stretched. Another approach might be to give the customer a 10% off discount of orders totaling $25 or more. Then there’s the old standby of free shipping. Combined with another offer, free shipping could give your customer that added push of choosing you over your competitor. If that hasn’t worked for you in the past, try a BOGO offer or a special free product with their order.

If you sell your services for a living…
Those of us that depend on our skills to bring home the bacon can’t always promote free shipping or gift ideas for under $10. So instead, try promoting your services in packages. This way you’re creating value for your client/customer and giving them a price reduction incentive. In return, you might sell a service that you normally would not have if sold separately. Plus you just created an opening for future business with that customer.

Regardless of how you entice your customers this holiday season…it’s important to remember to start early. This is the time. Act now!

Have you started your holiday advertising yet? Let us know in the comments…