Remembering When You Could Become a Mayor in Foursquare

In 2009, Foursquare brought something new to the act of checking in and being a loyal patron to businesses. Mayorship was highly sought after and the gamification of the app put Foursquare on the map, quite literally. Then in 2014, Foursquare split itself into two and introduced a separate app called Swarm. Unfortunately, Swarm didn’t immediately provide the same features that people had loved about its predecessor. By the time that the kinks were worked out, many had left the once thriving hive it created.

But doom and gloom is not something you see very often at Speaking Human and the story of Foursquare lives on. That’s right, Foursquare has recently gone through a rebranding and launched a new website. The effort is a reminder of its revised mission all those years ago to become what CEO Dennis Crowley had called “the location layer of the Internet” or what it now calls itself “the undisputed leading independent location data company in the world.” While the future seems bright for Foursquare, we’re mostly interested in what our fellow humans think. How do you feel about Foursquare? Submit your opinion below.

The Speaking Human takeaway? Every brand can find a renewed sense of purpose and ultimately, become relevant again.


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