StubHub Encourages Fans to Listen to the Athletes & Artists in Their Heads

You’re thinking about grabbing some tickets to a big game or concert. There’s a couple of voices you hear in your head. The first is the practical one, who tells you it will cost too much money, be too much of a hassle, or leave you too tired the next day. The second one argues the other side, encouraging you to just go for it and have a memorable experience.

That second voice is the one brought cleverly to life in StubHub’s new ad series, which visualizes that stream of consciousness as an array of celebrities—including NFL running back Todd Gurley, MLB first baseman Albert Pujols, and rapper and recording artist Future. These mental “projections” appear to individuals thinking about buying tickets, convincing them to hop on StubHub and follow the brand’s directive to “Be There”. Along with showing how quick and easy it is to get tickets on StubHub, these ads also highlight the brand’s message of not missing out on meaningful events.

  • SOURCE: StubHub YouTube Channel
  • BRANDS: StubHub
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Because you loved the 1990s Fox sitcom “Herman’s Head”

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