Tic Tac Conquers Life’s Greatest Fears: Heights and Bad Breath

Tic Tac launched (pun intended) in 1969—the same year as humans landed on the moon. It makes us think that the brand was always destined for space. As public interest in space travel has risen sharply over the last few years, the legendary breath mint readied itself to join the stars with a Tic Tac spacecraft that soared into the stratosphere, displaying encouraging tweets from excited fans. The “ship” carried 100 limited edition Tic Tac packs which will be distributed to a few lucky individuals.

Efforts like this are wonderful for generating excitement amongst a brand’s audience, and space travel adds a modern flair. Not only has Tic Tac conquered bad breath, but it’s done it at a much greater height than any other snack.


  • SOURCE: Twitter
  • BRAND: Tic Tac

AUTHOR: Zach Dunphy
ORIGIN: University Program - Speaking Human Contributor

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