13 Toast-Worthy Twitter Reactions to Budweiser Changing Its Name to “America”

Budweiser recently changed the name of its flagship beer to “America”. We’re not kidding. From May 23 until the election in November, if you look at a can or bottle of Budweiser you’ll see America. Seriously, this is happening. You can read this announcement from the Budweiser press room or check out this article in The New York Times. Again, no joke, this is real. You’re not dreaming. This is the actual world that we live in.

Of course, when anything this surreal happens there’s only one place to go to see how people are responding to the news: Twitter. From love and hate to eye rolls and witty quips, here’s what the Twitter-verse has to say about Budweiser’s spectacular, so-far-over-the-top-it’s-come-back-around-to-the-bottom move to rebrand itself with the name of the country the majority of its imbibers call home…

What Twitter Has to Say About Getting Drunk on America

From frogs to Clydesdales to Wasssssssssup, Budweiser’s marketing has always been big and bold. But their latest move just might take the cake (or the six pack). For better or worse, Bud’s got Twitter abuzz.