Twitter Reactions: 21 Tweets About KFC Sending a Sandwich Into Space

KFC is going to space. You may have heard that nugget of news (pun intended) and thought it was just some sort of crazy marketing ploy. And, in fact, it is. But it’s also part of a real test by a real company with a real purpose (check out this article from The Verge for the full story of the mission).

For KFC’s part, the company is doing their best to milk this marketing “event” for all it’s worth. That includes a TV commercial with Rob Lowe playing the Colonel announcing the launch. And a call for Twitter users to send their tweets to get carried along with the sandwich into the cosmos.

Of course, as with most marketing stunts like this, human reactions have run the gamut from laughter and appreciation to outrage and despair. Others are just happy to have the opportunity to bust out their best “space junk” jokes.

Love or hate the idea of KFC in space, you cannot deny that it has created some buzz—as exhibited by this hand-picked selection of recent tweets on the topic…