Uber Drives Cleaner Image with Recent Rebrand

After speeding out of the gates to become one of the hottest startups of the decade, Uber has spent the last year in the news for all the wrong reasons. Claims of harassment and discrimination from the company’s employees have dominated the headlines. As Uber looks to drive change within and mend its broken-down public image, the company recently undertook a rebranding—its second rebranding in less than three years.

Some key aspects of the new branding include:
  • Investing in a wordmark, rather than a symbol
  • Embracing the color black
  • Using motion to express the easy movement Uber makes possible
  • Employing the “U” as a visual framing device

Uber logo gets a softer look with redesign

Probably the most noticeable changes of this rebranding are (1) a move from the thick, all-caps version of the Uber logo to a softer, lower-case version of the moniker; and (2) a move from the pattern symbol that was the face of the Uber app to simply using the new wordmark mentioned above. Will these changes help Uber put its recent troubles in the rearview and propel the brand into the future? Time will tell.

  • SOURCE: Uber Rebrand 2018 Case Study
  • BRANDS: Uber
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Because it’s always interesting to see how a brand chooses to change its image

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