Uber Hails U.S. Women’s Soccer in New Ad Series

They did it again. A “tour de four” as a local paper billed it. The U.S. Women’s National Soccer team (USWNT) won its fourth World Cup and second straight. Everyone is jumping on the celebration bandwagon. To do so, you might want to hail Uber.

To celebrate the USWNT’s World Cup, Uber partnered with Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam to create new spots on Uber’s social and digital channels. In the videos Uber advertises that its drivers in big markets like NYC and LA are dishing out 100,000 free #OneMoreStar pins to passengers as a rally behind the athletes.

Why pins of stars, you ask? Well, it’s something Uber and the USWNT have in common. “Whether you’re a professional athlete on the world’s greatest stage or one of the millions of riders… using Uber everyday, stars are the universal symbol of dedication, respect and a tireless pursuit of greatness,” said Uber’s senior director, global head of marketing communications Taj Alavi.

The “5 Star Uber Skills” spots join 5-Star Uber drivers and professional freestyle soccer player and coach Indi Cowie to show off the remarkable skill of female soccer players.

“In recognition of our women’s soccer team and their quest [of] one more star, we wanted to harness the power and scale of our fleet to create a campaign that could turn every Uber ride into an opportunity,” said Alavi. “To… cheer on the reigning champions, or start a conversation about women’s soccer.”

  • SOURCE: Uber YouTube
  • BRAND: Uber, Indi Cowie
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Because the USWNT has taken us on an amazing ride

AUTHOR: Dan Nelsen
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