Walgreens Rebrands in Preparation for Battle

You know how in movies set in medieval times there’s often a montage where people are forging weapons from steel, sharpening spears, and stockpiling armor in preparation for an attack? That’s pretty much what Walgreens is doing with their brand as the “pharmacy wars” heat up.

With chief rival CVS making a game-changing move by purchasing health insurer Aetna and rumors swirling about brand heavyweight Amazon jumping into the pharmacy market, Walgreens recently announced a rebranding strategy. The brand, which dates back over a hundred years, will focus on its history by adding the tagline “trusted since 1901” to its logo. They will also seek to gain appeal with a younger female demographic.

Given recent news, the goal of this rebranding seems to be to help Walgreens strengthen its customer base before CVS and Amazon come storming the castle.

  • BRAND: Walgreens
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Because you enjoy medieval montages and brand battles

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