Westworld Websites Hint at Future of the HBO Series

The first season of Westworld premiered on HBO way back in fall 2016 and instantly sparked a ton of online chatter and speculation. Cloaked in mystery, it’s a show that’s made to be discussed. To fuel that fiery discussion, HBO did some strong interactive marketing. One great piece of marketing that accompanied the first season was the Discover Westworld website, which presented the Westworld “park” as a real experience visitors could explore and sign up for.

While things have changed a bit moving into season two, HBO is still using the web to take fans further inside the Westworld experience. Now there are a trio of websites perhaps shedding some light on what’s to come this season—and maybe even further down the line. Here’s a glimpse:

  • The Discover Westworld website, which was once so polished and inviting to tourists, is now glitching out. When you first enter the site, a message reads “Systems Status: Communications Embargo”. It’s very possible that the people who once controlled the park have now lost control of it. 
  • The Delos Destinations website provides a look at the company behind the Westworld theme park—as well as several others. The site tells us they actually have six theme parks (though four are closed to public reservations). What’s the other public one? Shogun World, which “offers a chance for guests to embrace their inner warrior, in a landscape of highest beauty and darkest horror.” Could we see this park on the HBO series in the near future?   
  • Finally, the Delos Incorporated website is just a single page. It focuses on the vision of the corporation and its founder, James Delos. Could he be a key character on the upcoming season of the show? Definitely seems like strong possibility.

Season two of “Westworld” premieres April 22 on HBO. 

  • SOURCE: Delos Destinations
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