Your Packaged Meat Products Have a First Name and It’s Likely “Oscar”

Oscar Mayer has been refreshing its marketing lately. Some might say it started all the way back in 1929, when Oscar Mayer started packaging all of its hot dogs with a yellow band to distinguish the brand from others in the industry and to represent a seal of quality. That iconic yellow still shows up today, even after the brand redesigned its packaging. Most will identify this as an intelligent marketing technique, since using a certain color in connection with your brand can help establish recognition, ultimately driving sales in the process.

The meat maker also cooked up a new advertising campaign called “Keep it Oscar” as a lighthearted, make-you-smile effort that doesn’t take itself too seriously. We like that about this brand—plus the fond memories of bologna sandwiches when we were kids—now that was some serious yum.

  • SOURCE: Oscar Mayer
  • BRANDS: Oscar Mayer