Amazon Delivers First Printed Kids Holiday Toy Catalog

While the massive chain that once held the keys to kids’ holiday toy dreams may have faded into sweet oblivion this year, the decades-old practice of flipping through page after page of toy images and denoting the ones you want is still alive and kicking. For the first time ever, e-commerce behemoth and innovator extraordinaire Amazon mailed customers out a printed toy catalog for the holiday season.

When you see the Amazon name, you might expect the catalog to talk or shoot out a drone. But this is purely a retro effort—intended to fill the void left by Toys “R” Us and remind parents to buy their holiday presents from Amazon (as opposed to other toy catalogers like Target & Walmart). Like most seasonal toy catalogs, the Amazon guide showcases top holiday gifts for children of all ages. Unlike most catalogs, this one does not include listed prices since Amazon’s prices fluctuate on daily basis.

Amazon’s toy catalog is a reminder that not all marketing efforts need to be new and innovative to be effective. Technology may have changed the way we shop and live, but it hasn’t changed the fact that when a kid sees a book filled with toys they immediately want everything.

  • SOURCE: Amazon (online version of catalog)
  • BRANDS: Amazon
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Because you fondly remember going through catalogs and circling the many toys you neeeeeded

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