Amazon, Starbucks & Netflix: What Do They Have In Common?

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Three brands—Amazon, Starbucks, and Netflix—all sell different services or products. However, each has a common theme: ease of use. This is what consumers want. We want products that are easy to use and that are easily integrated into our lives.

Amazon Prime


Amazon Prime attracts a variety of consumers with guaranteed two-day shipping, its own streaming service, and the ability to purchase products directly from your phone. For students, Amazon Prime only costs $49 a year (regular price = $99).

Along with being easy to use and reasonably priced, my favorite aspects about Amazon are its customer service, two-day shipping, and fast-and-simple purchasing capabilities. All these aspects add value to Amazon Prime’s services. They have helped the brand become widely popular with a strong, positive reputation, and led to mainstream adoption of the Amazon Prime service.



Premium coffee from Starbucks is a must because it’s fresh, you receive excellent customer service, and they offer perks to loyal customers. Even though it’s more expensive for a Grande Black Pike Roast than a regular cup of black coffee, the value they provide and love I have for the company keeps me coming back almost every day.

Starbucks is popular and easy to get when you want it. Their products taste better than other coffee, and it looks “cool” to have a cup of Starbucks. When you order coffee, the Barista asks for your name which makes the coffee personalized and reinforces their focus on customer service.

Gold status is an achievement for all coffee lovers. Once gold status is achieved by purchasing Starbucks products and earning stars, you get rewards, extra stars, and free drinks. Starbucks also has their own app you can use to both order and pay for your coffee (AKA happiness in a cup).



Netflix, one of the many streaming services, offers the best movies and TV shows for as low as $7.99 a month—making it a popular brand among all generations. It’s easy to watch popular TV shows while at home or on the go, and eliminates the hassle of having to go rent a movie.

Netflix offers many of their own Netflix Originals, popular TV shows, and a wide variety of movies. The value for Netflix is its simplicity: open Netflix, choose your profile, find what you want to watch, and enjoy. Within four clicks, you’re watching that amazing TV show you can’t get enough of!

These three brands all have broad appeal because they are easy to use and have products that are easy to understand. Each brand is unique in its own way, but they all come back to one main idea: simplicity.

AUTHOR: Jessica Babka
ORIGIN: University Program - Speaking Human Contributor

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