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In 2022, the trending social media app, BeReal, saw a rapid increase in monthly active users from 920,000 at the start of the year to 73.5 million in August 2022. Almost all those users are under the age of 45 and drawn to the platform for being filter-free and in the moment, contrasting the highly editable social media platforms many have grown accustomed to.

The way BeReal works currently is at a random time of day, the user receives a notification giving them two minutes to take a picture using the front and back facing cameras simultaneously, showing others what they are doing. The catch? You cannot see other posts until providing your own. These images can be shared purely among friends or to the “discover page” for the purpose of increasing reach.

This sounds simple enough and quite refreshing for the generational majority on the platform. For businesses seeking to reach the BeReal audience, however, they are posed with the unique challenge of standing out on a platform that discourages marketing tactics. It is, after all, a no-ads system. This means there are currently no marketing metrics. Even though the platform is not optimized for businesses, that has not stopped some big brand names from investing “real” time and money into the platform, exemplifying that there is a way for businesses to thrive on BeReal.

What companies could see success on BeReal?

  1. Those That Uphold Authenticity
    As reported by the 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer, 88% of consumers stated “trust” as a critical decision maker when choosing to buy from brands, even more so than only loving a brand’s identity. This is especially true for consumers 18-34 (a.k.a. BeReal’s demographic). The numbers don’t lie, and BeReal is a great platform to connect with consumers beyond advertising, newsletters, and comments.
  2. Those That Have a Story to Tell
    Every brand has some story, even multiple, but the important part of this characteristic is that it ties back to the brand’s authenticity. Lets your customers in! Show them the faces behind the offering, daily life being in the company’s community, and any elements that go into producing the end results they love to receive.
  3. Those That Think Creatively
    Let’s be real (pardon my word choice), companies would not be on a platform unsuited for businesses if there wasn’t some creative idea going on in those pretty little marketing heads of theirs. Being a leader in new spaces requires creative innovation and a fresh perspective. BeReal may have opened untapped possibilities on their platform, but it is the users who are going to shape where it goes.

One BeReal Brand Example: Chipotle

Chipotle’s brand meets all three of the successful traits listed above. Not only was Chipotle the first big brand name to take the leap and engage on the app, but their brand was one of the most well suited, being known for using real ingredients (authenticity), advocacy as a community supporter (story-telling), and their fun-loving language (creativity). Using promotional discount tactics to bring people to their account, they have since continued their presence on the platform by embracing the unfiltered, transparent content that users demanded. Because of the “friends only” nature of the BeReal platform, Chipotle quickly developed their community (maxing out their followers) through transparency and humanization.

Is there a future for BeReal?

While there have been remarks on the estimated decline of BeReal, there is no denying the magnitude of the user base currently on the app, and the time it still has to grow. Many companies prefer to wait and see how performance on BeReal plays out before investing in the application; however, in a future where BeReal increases in popularity, shouldn’t your company be a leader?

Why yes, I think it should.

Even if BeReal’s trending life comes to a close, companies can learn from the authenticity values BeReal aims to promote. We have seen some successful brands interacting with the consumer and developing strong connections. That shouldn’t change. BeReal is another social media tool that can accomplish what good marketing needs: trusted customer connections.

AUTHOR: Karissa Chin
ORIGIN: University Program — Speaking Human Contributor

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