Cheetos Takes Dangerously Cheesy Cue from Customers

Sprinkling Cheetos dust on mac’n cheese is a trend Cheetos could not ignore any longer. Inspired by consumers creating the concoction themselves, Cheetos launched Cheetos Mac’n Cheese in three flavors. PepsiCo, the Cheetos brand parent company, had been contemplating the idea for some time, but with COVID-19 causing an uptick in stay-at-home meals (and Cheetos recipes), they decided to let Chester Cheetah pounce on the opportunity. It’s a win-win for PepsiCo, which also owns macaroni-brand Pasta Roni. Now, customers can purchase the innovative Cheetos Mac’n Cheese meal ready to eat. Oh, how Dangerously Cheesy that seems!

AUTHOR: Dan Nelsen
ORIGIN: Speaking Human Contributor

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