Dr. Pepper’s “Fansville” Gets Second Season

College football fandom can be extreme and nasty. Meaning? Perfect fodder for millennial advertising! Dr. Pepper kicks off the second season of its mock TV/ad series “Fansville” to celebrate.

“Fansville” is an episodic ad series about a town where everyone—from newborns to doctors—are die-hard college football fans, divided along the lines of “State” v. “Tech.” In this upcoming season, the town is celebrating its (and coincidentally, college football’s) 150th anniversary. Nine spots will be broadcasted during games on ESPN, CBS, FOX and a finale will show during the National Championship Game. Dr. Pepper’s playbook also includes websites, social media, and radio ads.

The episodic format is an intended alternative to traditional spots, hopefully eliminating fans overlooking one-off ads. Furthermore, according to sports marketing researcher SBRnet, “Fansville” showed an above-average performance with millennials—particularly in the south, where college football and game money reign supreme. It reported Dr. Pepper had a higher brand share among the 18-34 groups than Pepsi or Coke. A fizzy fall for those brands? Hmm.

Millenials are the future and “Fansville” resonates with them (doesn’t with me, oh well). So, if it scores a touchdown again, college football and Dr. Pepper could kick off more seasons and advertising may have a novel TV/ad series taking the field.

AUTHOR: Dan Nelsen
ORIGIN: Speaking Human Contributor

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