Our 6 Favorite Lowes ‘Fix In Six’ Vine Videos

Vine is something of an underrated wild card in the social world. The social network, which allows users to create six-second videos, was acquired by Twitter a few years ago. While most people have heard of Vine, it still doesn’t have the user base of sites like Pinterest or Instagram.

Why Vine Is a Valuable Social Marketing Tool for Brands

Vine’s format (looping video) and tight limitations (six-and-a-half seconds, no longer) offer a great platform for brands looking for a creative way to deliver content to online audiences.

A fantastic example of how brands can make the most of Vine comes from Lowe’s. The home improvement brand has been leading the way on the swinging social site with its practical and fun “Fix In Six” series, which features handy tips for quick fixes around the house.

3 Things We Love About the Lowes ‘Fix In Six’ Series

With this series, Lowe’s has found a unique way to present and deliver shareable social content. Here are three aspects of the Lowes Vine series that make it so effective:

1. It’s USEFUL – There is valuable content in these videos, information that people might not know and can definitely use.

2. It’s CREATIVE – These videos don’t just show how to do something, they add animation, audio and energy. Each video is a piece of entertainment, capable of being enjoyed on its own.

3. It’s STRATEGIC – This content is effective at reaching the target audience of Do It Yourselfers (or DIYers). These are the people who spend money at Lowe’s.

Our 6 Favorite #LowesFixInSix Vine Videos

We discussed Lowes’ Vine efforts in a recent podcast (listen to that episode here) where we shared a few of our favorite “Fix In Six” videos. Here are a few of the videos we mentioned on the podcast, along with a few more…


Maybe the best tip of the bunch. We can’t wait to try this one… as soon as we find a giant vat of coffee.


A useful tip if you’re doing some painting. Bonus points for making the strawberry and orange hold hands. Ah, fruit love.


Walnuts, who knew? And the dinosaur foot is a fantastic touch.


Definitely going to try this one out come October. Really nice animation and looping on this one.


Finally a cure for sticking snow! Also nice how this shows the winter fun of harassing helpless snowmen.


From a creative perspective, this is probably our favorite video. And we love anything that features a Yeti!