Use Local Search to Get Found Online

What is local search?
It’s the use of a geographic identifier in search engines to find local resources. Take the example here – where we started a search in Google for a local pizza shop in the Akron, Ohio area. You’ll notice that the local businesses that have listings pop up on the map of the area and their contact information and a link to their website is listed.

Further, if you click on the map you’ll receive a wealth of information about the listed businesses, including reviews, business hours, etc.


Local Search is important for your business
Consumers are searching for their information online. It’s easier than picking up a phone book and it gives them more information to make an intelligent buying decision.

Make Sense?
Not all businesses will want or need local search listings. It makes perfect sense if you have a business that depends on local traffic. But don’t feel like you need a website to get started. Only half of the estimated 27 million small businesses have them. The important thing is that you get found!

Do you need to be found locally? Sound off in our comments or send us an email and we’ll shoot you an email or call you with more information to help you get started.