The Running Man, Goldblum, and Carnival Cruise Medallions

While the vast expanse of the internet offers a wealth of strange, enlightening, interesting, disturbing, and amazing treasures, it also leaves us with a lot questions. Here are a few recent queries floating around our human brains after unearthing these unique web gems…

Will a smart medallion entice more people to go on a cruise?

Let’s face it: Everyone loves medallions. OK, maybe not this 2003 Jackie Chan movie. But most medallions. They seem valuable, powerful, magical. So it makes sense that Carnival Cruise is banking on medallions to move the brand into the future. This New York Times article talks about how Carnival is investing big money to create medallions that will give cruisers greater control of their experience. These medallions can make drinks appear, doors open, and lines shorten. Carnival’s hoping they’ll also make more customers jump on board.

Carnival Cruise Medallion

Is Jeff Goldblum still a real person or just an idea?

It’s hard to know exactly when Jeff Goldblum ceased being Jeff Goldblum and became an impersonation of Jeff Goldblum. Maybe his molecules got frazzled on The Fly. Or maybe something mystical happened while he was filming Powder. But since Goldblum’s transformation from actor to caricature didn’t happen until the late 2000s, it was probably when he started appearing in commercials like this one. Anyway, the transition is now complete with this Jeff Goldblum activity book. Goldblum is now officially more marketing than man.

Jeff Goldblum Activity Book

Will 2017 truly be the year of “The Running Man”?

It’s always fun to see how the real future stacks up to the future imagined in sci-fi. We got a good taste in 2015 when the future from Back to the Future 2 became reality. But 2017’s got some solid fictional predecessors too—this year was the future in movies such as Barb Wire, Click, and, most notably, The Running Man. While we don’t yet have a TV show where prisoners can win their freedom by running for their lives from extreme hunters, in our modern age where entertainment trumps all else, it also doesn’t feel that far off.

The Running Man Future Is Now