Google Chrome Makes Search Come Alive with New Ad

How often do we look something up on the Internet? All the time! We don’t even think about it! We search for information on “how to do something”, advice on getting over a breakup or getting in shape, or help finding a Mr. Fix It or DIY tutorial. It’s habit and it’s hard to remember a time without the Internet and the ability to readily search everything.

But while Mozilla, Internet Explorer, and Safari may be quiet about it and let themselves fade into the background, Google Chrome wants to remind us it’s here and ready for all our search needs. To celebrate its 10th Anniversary, Google Chrome recently teamed up with ad agency Virtue to create a 60 second spot titled “Don’t Be a Browser”.

In the ad, we see searches come to life by the people who searched them. One guy gets a new hairdo following a break up, another person adopts pets, someone finds long-lost relatives, and the new hairdo guy pops back up on a first date. The message of “Don’t Be a Browser” was loud and clear: Chrome can make all our goals possible.

Google Chrome Browser Ad

Some Good

The ad’s top results were…

1. Lead-In – It was probably just me, but the beginning of this ad grabbed me. It had nothing to do with a break up, but when I first saw this ad I was the victim of a horrific hair cut. It was bad. I’m not kidding. I’m talking bald spots, mismatched lengths. I was wearing a tragedy on my head and the look the actor gave when he saw his new cut hit home. It was RELATABLE! Like the young man, I too am a Yogi and enjoy a run. I found a vessel that took me through the ad. I paid attention.

2. Relatable – Like me with the young man and his new ‘do, this ad focused on being RELATABLE. It was advertising a search engine and used popular search items as its subjects, thus making it easier for viewers to be pulled in—even in the strangest, most unintentional ways. People search about relatives, adopting pets, and so on. What better fuel for the fire when it comes to getting viewership?

3. Graphics – A nice touch was the use of a frame window of search tabs over the characters as they navigated the scene. It showed a progression of their searches and how he or she got to where they were in the ad. I’ll use Mr. Haircut for example. We first see him with a new ‘do because of his “Get Over a Breakup” search. The next time we see him he is operating under a “Get Back in Shape” tab in addition to his previous tab. He eventually adds “Find Your Center” via yoga, “Bathroom Near Me” during a run, to finally “Plan a First Date” as he meets a new girl. It was a clever and successful aspect of the ad in conjunction with its fun, brisk pace.

4. Editing & Camera – Watch the ad and focus on the cutting and camera movement. It’s surprisingly subtly kinetic… much like web browsing itself.

Google Chrome Ad

Some Bad

No spam here!

The Takeaway

With RELATABLE characters and situations (albeit maybe unintentional) and a brisk, effective pace, with sly cinematography, Google Chrome’s “Don’t Be a Browser” efficiently relayed its message and inspires us all to embody our searches.

AUTHOR: Dan Nelsen
ORIGIN: Speaking Human Contributor

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