Human Opinions: Babies “R” Us Prepared-ish

Watch the ad above!

There are some ad campaigns that will only make sense to their target audience. The Babies “R” Us campaign titled appropriately Prepared-ish is one of them. For all those first time parents out there, this one goes out to you. Only you know that feeling of leaving the hospital for the first time with a human baby. It’s not that you didn’t have time to prepare. Sure, you had roughly 10 months to get used to the idea of having a baby and what to do once it comes into the world. But inevitably, all new parents are unprepared for the idea of taking care of a human life. No matter how prepared you are, it is a somewhat jarring experience when the time comes.

That’s what makes this ad campaign from Babies “R” Us so perfect. They hit on a concept that their customers can, or at some point, will understand. It’s an inside joke that leaves a wonderful impression on the brand. It’s nice to know that Babies R’ Us gets it. Hopefully they continue with this marketing campaign. You can also check out the landing page they created especially for the Prepared-ish campaign.

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