Human Opinions: McDonald’s Frork

Watch the ad above!

You’ve probably seen many April Fool’s ads, especially this year, as they’ve become more and more prevalent. The McDonald’s French-Fry Fork, or Frork, and subsequent “fake” infomercial is taking the same approach, touting a new invention to help fight “the topping dropping” problem affecting many McDonalds customers. Is this a real problem? Probably not, says infomercial titan Anthony Sullivan.


The fake infomercial is really just a ploy to advertise McDonald’s new Signature Crafted Recipes, including the Pico Guacamole, Maple Bacon Dijon and Sweet Barbecue Bacon. While the idea of spotlighting a real product under the guise of a non-real product is not a new concept, this ad seems just a little bit off. Were they going for a viral sensation? Did they anticipate a better response? Admittedly, McDonalds seems self-aware of the ludicrous nature of their ad and does have a good time poking fun at itself.


How do you feel about the Frork? Does it make you want to try their new recipes? Did it garner enough attention and make it in front of enough customers to make them aware of these new offerings?

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