Human Opinions: Spectrum’s Monsters

Watch the ad above!

Spectrum has recently introduced a new ad series featuring some of pop culture’s favorite evil beings – namely monsters – and we love them!

The ad above provides the viewer with a seat at the world’s most sinister poker table. It starts off with a creepy ventriloquist doll telling a story about how he was humiliated while at dinner with his girlfriend. The discussion interestingly turns to how DirectTV doesn’t provide a lot of the features that it should. The punch line? That’s evil!

We appreciate the creative way that this story unfolds. It requires the viewer to make the underlying connection between these iconic monsters who have historically been considered evil – and the intrinsic humor of them classifying a subpar cable provider as evil.

Spectrum then ties it all up with an in-your-face message…

TV that’s missing stuff is evil. Spectrum has it all.
DirectTV Bad. Spectrum Good.

That deserves a furry, werewolf-sized hand clap.

What did you think of this Spectrum ad?

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