Human Opinions: Square Space and Malkovich

Watch the ad above… or get the semi-uncensored version!

John Malkovich, the esteemed actor-turned-clothing designer, is known for movies such as Being John Malkovich, Of Mice and Men and Con Air (we know – Con Air is a guilty pleasure). And now John is promoting his clothing line website while simultaneously promoting the template-based website creation tool Square Space. This ad came just in time for the 2017 Super Bowl and we like it. The short 30-second spot is the tightest and funniest of the series. For some reason, humans can’t stop watching John Malkovich. His charisma entrances viewers, so it makes perfect sense that Square Space teamed up with the Academy Award nominated actor.

Of course, Square Space’s ad spot doesn’t come without some minor controversy. They have several spots that have been released, including the semi-uncensored version that finds John Malkovich shouting some expletives at his computer screen when he realizes someone else has ownership of his domain-namesake. This longer version isn’t timed quite right, in our opinion. Unfortunately, it jumped that fine line of funny ranting and the slightly over-the-top John Malkovich rage. More appropriately, there’s an even longer “alternate” version of this series called Make Your Move, directed by Miles Jay, which puts a spotlight on John Malkovich’s clothing line and his passion for fashion design. The ads in this group put more emphasis on John Malkovich’s desires beyond acting.

Well crafted and beautifully shot, this ad is also worth noting.