Kellogg’s Toucan Sam follows his beak to the Thanksgiving feast

Thanksgiving is about the turkey and how much one can eat before passing out, but don’t think turkey is the only bird-centric meal out there!
Since its inception in 1963, Froot Loops has been a staple of the breakfast cereal lineup. It has weathered stumbles in sales and rebranding efforts, and also kept up with current social efforts such as its anti-bullying campaign. Originally modeled after actor Ronald Colman for his debonair charm, the character of Toucan Sam was perfect for the Froot Loops brand because, put simply, toucans eat fruit. And while many brands feature birds as mascots, it’s Kellogg’s Toucan Sam and his fruit-colored beak that inspired children to follow their nose and kick the day off with a surgery bowl of cereal.
  • SOURCE: Kellogg’s
  • BRAND: Kellogg’s
  • WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: For those moments when you’re tired of turkey… listen to the toucan

AUTHOR: Dan Nelsen
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