Make Your Website Copy Stand Out

So the big question in today’s online landscape is how to write unique and engaging content without sounding like everyone else out there. That’s a good challenge. And it’s likely one that you already know how to accomplish.

We’re all capable of what we like to call “Speaking Human.” It’s in our blood. We do it everyday when we hang out with our friends and family, but when we get to work and step into the zone… it’s all over. We become these drones that spew out the same old overused business jargon over and over again. It becomes meaningless nonsense to our customers and clients. And pretty soon, when we talk, it’s like white noise. And nobody’s listening.


So how do we get passed that? What can we do to get out of the same old hum drum funk?

  • It’s easy…start by avoiding the most overused words a phrases.
  • Write with phrases and terminology your customers use.
  • Make it a daily challenge to recondition your speech pattern. Listen throughout the day and pinpoint the cliche vocabulary that plague your conversations. Ask yourself if you could say it simpler… and try speaking human for a change.