Is the Force Strong with These #MayThe4th Brand Tweets?

There is nothing social marketers love more than a good hashtag day. Maybe it’s because social marketing can be a grind. It’s a challenge to find ways to keep things fresh and interesting on a daily basis—and keep Jane and Joe social consumer engaged and entertained. Anything that sparks some fun, creativity and inspiration is a welcome change of pace.

That’s why non-event event days like April Fools’ Day or Back to the Future Day have seen such huge social brand outputs in recent years (although with arguably mixed results). They are a chance to veer of course and maybe even hit a meme home run. Of course, one of the biggest hashtag holidays remains May the 4th.

A Brief History of May the 4th (Star Wars Day)

Chosen because it sounds so close to “May the Force” (as in “may the force be with you”), May the 4th (AKA “Star Wars Day”) is a day for fans to show their love of Star Wars. And it’s much-needed because Star Wars fans rarely get the chance to express their love for the series any other time of year (please note the Jabba-thick sarcasm here).

The Verge has a decent little history of the day here—from its humble beginnings as a pun in the late 70s to the moment Disney stepped in and made it a marketing bonanza.

18 Forceful Examples of #MayThe4th Tweets from Brands

Mix one part theme day with one part social media with one part of the most popular movie franchise of all time and you have a potent cocktail. That’s why it remains one of social marketing’s most interesting and notable days. Here’s a taste of some of the good, bad, and ugly tweets we saw from brands on this past May the 4th. We’ll let you decide which ones fall into which category…


And 7 more Star Wars Day tweets just for fun…



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