Mitsubishi Is a Classic Reborn in BSSP’s New Ad

A compact sport utility vehicle with 152 horsepower. A violin. A piano. A heavy downpour. Who would have thought those would be the perfect ingredients for a sleek and sexy car ad? Not me, but BSSP did and, doggone it, they knew something I didn’t!

In September 2017 Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners, better known as BSSP, became Mitsubishi’s new creative agency. This past March, BSSP launched its first campaign for Mitsubishi, showcasing its 2018 Eclipse Cross with an ad titled “Duo” and the tagline “A Classic Reborn.”

The ad featured violinist Damien Escobar and pianist William Joseph performing a classical version of Twisted Sister‘s “I Wanna Rock!” and, boy, did this ad ever.

A violion plays a key role in the Mitsubishi Eclipse Duo ad

Some Good

These were the parts of this ad that played in perfect harmony…

1. Production Value – The set pieces were simple: a road in the rain, extreme close-ups of the interior of the car, and a duo of musicians in a parking garage. Student filmmaking heaven. But what separated this ad from a student project is how the set pieces and props were captured. Directed by Joe Wright of the production company Sibling Rivalry, this ad featured exquisite cinematography that was accentuated by brilliant color grading from The Mill NY. All of this was seamlessly edited by Cleaver Editorial, which made the ad pulsate with gusto and engrossing visuals. Eye candy!

2. Music – Music was a focal point of this ad. No wonder, given the title of “Duo” and the billing of the duo of Damien Escobar and William Joseph. However, at first, I was not a fan of it. Violin covers of rock songs are a tad overdone in my opinion (Vitamin String Quartet anyone?). But on repeated viewing, the piece started to stick and, when soaked in with the cutting and direction of the ad, it brought the vehicle and all its features—such as its sleek interior that includes super all wheel control and a uber-cool radio—to life.

3. Close-Ups – “The close-up is one of the great inventions of the 20th century; it allows an audience to … stare into the eyes of a person who’s emoting without being self-conscious …” said Darren Aronofsky, director of Black Swan, Requiem for a Dream, and The Wrestler. Now, this ad had no close-ups of actors. But it did have close-ups of the vehicle’s features and set details. Both were done with a sleek and stylistic approach that added an Aronofsky-feel to the editing and overall makeup of the ad. I can still picture that blue-lit rain streaking down the cherry red exterior of the Eclipse. Whoa.

Mitsubishi Eclipse ad colors popping riding in the rain

Some Bad

Here’s where this ad was just a little out of synch…

1. Open Highways – This is not a “bad,” but a quick rant. Has anyone ever noticed that all these car ads feature open highways? There is never any traffic! I know I’m being picky here and the point of the ad is to feature a car and what better way than an empty street, but still!

The Takeaway

I’m not a car guy, but I appreciate cool cars and the ads that deliver them. And “Duo” from BSSP for Mitsubishi is one of those ads. It’s tightly edited, beautifully photographed and colored, and, you know, I am in the market for a new ride…

AUTHOR: Dan Nelsen
ORIGIN: Speaking Human Contributor

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