5 Glorious Examples of Viral Video Marketing from OK Go

In the middle of the first decade of the 2000s, the band OK GO made a name for itself with their homemade video for the song “Here It Goes Again”.

That video—shot in one continuous take—featured the band doing an elaborate synchronized treadmill dance. It became a viral sensation at a time when things weren’t becoming viral sensations on a daily basis.

Fast forward 10 years and not only is the band (whose unlikely success screamed “one hit wonder”) still around, they’re still producing crazy videos that are going viral on a regular basis.

Perhaps most interestingly, they’re doing it through partnerships with big companies that also use the videos to cross-market their own products.

5 Crazy, Creative & Corporate-Sponsored OK Go Viral Music Videos

Here are a handful of the awesome videos OK GO has concocted for your binge-watching pleasure, along with a bit of brief info on the concepts and sponsors behind each of the videos…

1. Upside Down & Inside Out (2016)

  • CONCEPT: Entire video shot in Zero Gravity airplane.
  • SPONSOR: Partnered with S7 Airlines. The cost must have been TREMENDOUS, but S7 flipped the bill and is using it as one of their own huge marketing strategies as well. 

2. Needing/Getting (2012)

  • CONCEPT: Stunt driving car plays instruments. 
  • SPONSOR: Hooked up with Chevrolet to showcase it’s Chevy Sonic, debuted during Super Bowl.

3. I Won’t Let You Down (2014)

  • CONCEPT: Band does the entire video riding on motorized unicycles.
  • SPONSOR: Partnered with Honda to promote their UNI-CUB uni-sequeway.

4. Last Leaf (2010) 

  • CONCEPT: Laser-cut animations burnt onto toast. 
  • SPONSOR: Partnered with Samsung in a “business model experiment” to promote the NX100 iFn Camera.

5. This Too Shall Pass (2010) 

  • CONCEPT: The entire video is a massive one-shot Rube Goldberg Machine.
  • SPONSOR: Syyn Labs, a Los Angeles-based arts and technology collective.

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