Puppo Gets Personal with the Puppies of NYC

Bespoke advertising is tailored advertising, which is advertising aimed at a specific individual. It’s like a custom-made shirt, which is sewn to fit your body exclusively. But what about dogs? Thanks to Puppo, they’re getting products advertised to fit their bodies too!

Puppo, the nutrition brand from Mars Petcare, is a personalized dog food delivery service designed to address each dog’s specific health needs. This past April, it debuted in New York City via personalized posters (over 100,000) for every registered dog in NYC!

Most brands use mass marketing tactics, however Colenso BBDO Auckland, which orchestrated the campaign, saw an inventive opportunity with the direct-to-consumer nature of Puppo. Each poster was curtailed to a specific NYC dog, addressing them by their name and breed. The agency used an algorithm that detailed how a Puppo diet would benefit them specifically.

“We all love our dogs, and having your dog, with all [of] his or her unique personality quirks, pigeonholed into small, medium or large breed, isn’t always what’s best for the dog,” said Colenso BBDO Creative Director Kimberley Ragan. “Straying from the typical one-ad-for-100,000 consumers format, [we] instead [created] one ad for each of the 100,000 [plus] dogs who live in New York City, allow[ing] us to connect with owners in a more meaningful way, and help them find the right diet…”

Imagine taking your dog for a walk and looking over to see a poster addressing your pup by name. Talk about direct-to-consumer! The result of the campaign was a more personalized marketing effort that reflected the more personalized nature of the brand.

  • SOURCE: The Drum
  • BRANDS: Puppo, Mars Petcare
  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Because when dogs hear their names, they come running

AUTHOR: Dan Nelsen
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