Teacher’s Desk Earns a Golden Apple for Fan Support

Schools in Western New York have over 70% of students in the Reduced School Lunch Program. Teacher’s Desk is a nonprofit, educational supply store in Buffalo, New York, that offers free school items to help those disadvantaged students. Over 6,000 teachers shop there. It is a worthy cause that has tapped into some unique support efforts over the past year from businesses, organizations, and individuals in the community.

First, J. Fitzgerald Group (JFG), a full-service marketing communications firm, selected Teachers Desk to receive free services as part of its CreateAthon event, a 24-hour creative extravaganza. The JFG team created brochures, digital and print ads, posters, TV and radio scripts, billboards, bus shelter ads, and social media templates at no cost for Teacher’s Desk. These materials will help the nonprofit continue to spread the word about the great work they do and raise more money.

Second, The University at Buffalo Libraries is hosting a summer-long book drive to support Teacher’s Desk.

Finally, Buffalo loves its Bills. In May, Pancho Billa, a fan from Texas, succumbed to cancer. The fan group Bills Mafia encouraged donations to Teacher’s Desk to honor him. “He didn’t want flowers. He wanted school supplies [for kids] and that’s a legacy… we’re so thrilled to be a part of,” said John Mika, Director of Teacher’s Desk. Teacher’s Desk’s Panchospacks (backpacks filled with $100-worth of school supplies for just $10) recently hit $100,000 in sales. “Every $10 donation result[ed] in a kid getting a ton of school supplies and a great backpack,” said Bills Mafia co-founder Del Reid

It is a busy summer for Teacher’s Desk, but for a good cause: children. Who better to invest in?

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