7 Tips for Better Small Business Google Search Success

In May, we held a Google Partner Event at the MONSTERS Unlimited offices in Akron, Ohio. During the event, experts from Google presented on a number of different SEO and Web marketing topics—providing practical tips and insights for businesses looking to expand their online reach.

In a previous blog post, we shared some information from the Q&A session with Google’s VP of Global Small Business Marketing. In today’s post, we’ll share some key search engine optimization (SEO) tips from another Google presentation.

How Your Small Business Can Get More From Google

Getting found through Google search is a great way to drive new business. If people are looking for a particular product or service and they discover your business in the search results, you have a chance to increase your brand awareness and potentially add a new customer or client.

Here’s some advice from Google on how to better your chances of getting your business seen in search results. You can click on any of the slide images below to view larger versions.

1. Optimize Your Website

  • Include keywords and meta data on all pages of your website
  • Provide people with an easy-to-navigate website with strong content and visuals

Optimize Your Website

2. Get Listed in Directories

  • Research and identify directories related to your business
  • Work to get positive online reviews in directories

Get Listed in Directories to Get Reviews

3. Follow SEO Best Practices

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

4. Aim for All Facets of Google SERPs

  • Google SERPs are search engine results pages
  • Ranking number one in searches is not as important now as appearing on the first results page in some way
  • Other ways to appear on the front page include the local carousel and shopping results

SERP Change - Local CarouselSERP Change – Shopping Ads

5. Be Mobile Friendly

  • More and more Google searches are happening on mobile devices
  • Ensuring your website provides an ideal mobile experience can increase your Google search success

Have a Mobile Friendly Website

6. Consider Using AdWords

  • AdWords is Google advertising
  • You pay to have your link appear on search results pages related to set keywords
  • Use remarketing to tap visitors with ads based on previous individual online behaviors

Google AdWordsRemarketing

7. Maximize Your Social Presence

  • Posting and engaging regularly on social media sites can increase your SEO strength
  • Using Google+ (Google’s social media site) in particular can help your SEO value and increase your chances of appearing on Google’s local carousel

Maximize Your Social Presence

Make Google Results a Key Goal of Your Online Marketing Strategy

Google has become a huge part of our everyday lives (just think how often people throw around the term “Google it”). We turn to Google search when we have questions or when we need to find businesses, products and services.

Take action to increase the chances your business will turn up in Google search results. By following the practices described above, you can expand your online reach and open the doors to an eager audience of potential customers.

Need help improving your company’s online presence and search engine optimization? Contact MONSTERS today to find out how we can lend you a claw.

Need Website Optimization?

Need help improving your company’s online presence and search engine optimization? Contact MONSTERS today to find out how we can lend you a claw.





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