Trivago Makes Planning a Trip Look Relaxed & Easy

We love vacation. It’s the best part of summer. However, with it can come booking headaches, travel headaches, luggage flying off the roof of your car as you make your way down the highway (true story)—so many headaches we may consider forgoing vacay all together. But, what if there was a cure?

The remedy is Trivago. In the German discount travel website’s 30-second spot, a woman asked Mr. Touch of Gray how he got that house round the bend. She wished her and her husband could’ve booked such a place. Alas, her hubby chose to go through numerous websites and ended up not getting the best deal. Mr. Touch of Gray then showed her the Trivago app, which allows travelers to search for hotels and vacation rentals in one place with price comparisons every step of the way! Needless to say who ended up having the better getaway.

There are many ways to advertise vacation to consumers from locality to affordability to romance to glitz to glamour to Pure Michigan. Trivago, however, advertises convenience. Vacation is a time to be enjoyed, not a time to fret. In this (and its other) ads, Trivago positions itself as the savior that takes out the headaches and gives consumers expediency and ease so they don’t have to worry about running into Mr. Touch of Gray and be ashamed about what hotel they have to walk to after.

Vacation is to be enjoyed and done so comfortably. Trivago believes it is the key to making that happen, and it’s right at the fingertips.

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