10 Tweets Showing Otherworldly Fan Excitement for ‘Stranger Things 2’

Season two of Stranger Things (AKA “Stranger Things 2”) popped up on Netflix at midnight on October 27, and the world may never be the same. Fan excitement for the new season of the surprise-hit series (which dropped to absolutely no fanfare in summer 2016) has been spreading like wildfire in recent months. And Netflix has been expertly fanning the flames.

For the past couple weeks, the first thing many users saw when they opened Netflix was a countdown clock ticking off the days, hours and minutes until the show comes back. That pretty much sums up the hype train fueling the release of this show. There have been trailers, artwork, and social posts that have fans pouring over every detail. The show also has a ton of brand partnerships (many of which are detailed in this piece from The Drum).

What does it all add up to? A fan frenzy and a series that currently owns the moment. Netflix knows that in our modern landscape of TV overload, getting people talking about a show is almost as important as getting people watching. They need that constant buzz to continue their explosive subscriber growth. And right now Stranger Things is the most buzzed about show in this dimension (and maybe others).

So just how excited are people about the return of Stranger Things? To answer that question, we turned to Twitter…

10 Telling #StrangerThings2 Tweets

Twitter is upside down with emotion about the return of the cultural phenomenon:











Bonus: 3 Awesome ‘Stranger Things 2’ Retro Posters

As part of their marketing firestorm, Netflix released several different pieces of poster art for Stranger Things 2. Since the show is driven by references to 1980s horror and sci-fi cinema, many of the posters also have the same retro vibe. The three posters below are all direct references to posters for classic 80s movies. Can you guess what movies inspired them?


Stranger Things Retro Poster


Stranger Things Marketing Poster Art


Stranger Things 2 Poster Art

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