Where are your customers?

Face it. The winter weather sometimes keeps our customers from going out to the store and making those much needed purchases that keep the economy going…and allows our businesses to thrive.

Which leads us to our topic. Do you know where your customers are located? And even more important – can you send marketing messages to certain customers based on your information about them? If you answered “yes and yes” then you’re ahead of the curve.

So what?

We recently came across one retail store who made some wicked awesome marketing decisions…ones that were planned in advance…even though they seemed to be impromptu. And when the rest of the Northeast was sitting helpless in a huge snowstorm, they sent out an email marketing campaign that spoke to those who couldn’t get out of the house. The subject line: “Snowed in? Cozy up to 30% off online!”

Not only does this type of marketing effort stand out, it also creates a targeted message that speaks to your customers, thereby increasing their online buying potential.

Next time you have an indoor captive audience sitting at their computers with time to kill…think about sending out that already designed email you produced for that specific scenario. It might just blow your online sales through the roof.