Wix Turbo Loads at the Speed of Captain Marvel

On March 8, Marvel released its first female-led film, Captain Marvel. Starring Oscar winner Brie Larson, Marvel is jockeying the film as the next Black Panther, an event that marries movie and movement, and other brands want in, like Wix Turbo.

Wix Turbo is a platform-wide boost from Wix.com that improves Wix sites with images and videos appearing faster and optimized for accelerated JavaScript and CSS functionality, so sites look sharper and are pixel-perfect. Don’t Understand? Don’t worry. In a 60-second spot made by both Wix and Marvel ad teams, Wix Turbo uses Captain Marvel’s tagline “Higher, Further and Faster” to sum up its perks.

Wanting to partner with Disney for some time, Wix.com saw its Turbo launch coincided with Captain Marvel’s release and it coalesced from there. “We like the strong female character,” Omer Shai, Wix CMO said. “The character goes with our brand’s message about strong entrepreneurs.” The spot, which runs on desktop and mobile devices across Facebook, YouTube, and other sites, says the changes are turbo fast like Captain Marvel—which will benefit Wix’s 148 million users. “Our customers are the real heroes and it is… our goal to give them the power and speed to succeed,” Shai said.

This is not the first movie tie-in for Wix. In 2016, it partnered with DreamWorks Kung Fu Panda 3 in a Super Bowl ad. However, this could be entirely different. If Captain Marvel pulls off anything close to Black Panther, Wix may need to get Turbo 2.0 ready.

  • SOURCE: Wix YouTube
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  • WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: Because who doesn’t want to think their web platform has super powers?

AUTHOR: Dan Nelsen
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