For over 95 years, ARIS Horticulture, Inc. (formerly Yoder Brothers Inc.) has been a leading grower and researcher of high quality ornamental plant products. As with any successful company, Aris continues to evolve, meeting the changing horticultural market and business challenges of their customers. Through their brand evolution, Aris continually strives to bring efficiencies and profitably to their customers.

When MONSTERS began working with Aris, the goal was to bring a sense of security and strategy to the company’s marketing efforts, including their annual product catalogs. Over the years, MONSTERS Unlimited has been tapped by Aris to provide Creative Direction, Marketing Management and Interactive Solutions to meet their growing needs. Our team works closely with their internal marketing team and has become an extension of the company, delivering daily production and insights to further connect their marketing efforts with customers around the world.

As with most clients, the growth of a company warrants new marketing initiatives that solve customer problems and interactive marketing is almost always at the center of every brand strategy. The Aris and MONSTERS relationship has blossomed over the years, starting off primarily with print production needs. Since then, our team has executed a variety of interactive solutions, including a digital catalog for their annual product updates. This has led to a more manageable and cost-effective solution for Aris and simultaneously given their customers another way to interact with the brand and get up-to-date product specs.


Every creative solution should have, at its core, one mission – to produce results. The MONSTERS Unlimited team continues to provide marketing management solutions and assisting the Aris marketing team with cost effective and visually stunning creative services.


MONSTERS Unlimited is a creative agency with a business brain, offering a full suite of marketing and branding services—including website design, brand management and mobile application development. Do you need creative agency help? From conceptualization to execution, we can help you build a brand or manage an already existing brand. Learn more about our creative direction and brand management services by calling (877) 401-4949.

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