When an individual becomes a Unite This City member, they gain access to cash savings at hundreds of local stores, restaurants, service providers and entertainment venues. Members also have opportunities to win monthly prizes like trips, shopping sprees and high-tech gear. More than just a local rewards program, Unite This City is about a commitment to support and strengthen the local community, economy and charities.

This was a unique project for the MONSTERS Unlimited team primarily because we were able to build this mobile program from the ground up. The client came to us with an initial idea, but was excited for our input throughout the process. MONSTERS worked closely with the Unite This City team to develop a strategy – focusing on making the website and mobile app well-rounded and rich with features. This helped their sales team promote the program to local communities and businesses.

With intuitive, touch-screen controls, iPhones, iPads and iPods have become hot educational tools for parents. Taking full advantage of the medium’s potential, Mix‘Em, incorporates four imaginative games designed to engage and educate children – while also entertaining adults.

Our goal in developing Mix‘Em was to create a learning tool that parents and children could play together and both enjoy. Along with its educational and entertainment value, Mix‘Em also offers a great financial value – boasting four endlessly playable games for the low price of a single app.

Shortly after its official launch, Mix’Em was awarded an honorable mention in the BEST APP EVER AWARDS in three separate categories.

The interviewing process can be difficult and stressful. That’s where Get the Job comes in. It’s loaded with questions to help players learn how to handle various situations in the job interviewing process.

As with all creative projects, Mobile Development projects vary in scope and overall project parameters. MONSTERS was tasked with designing the brand for Get the Job, as well as the accompanying mobile application, interface, gaming specifications and multi-device compatibility. The MONSTERS Unlimited team built this app for both Apple’s iOS and for Google’s Android operating systems.


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