3 Strange and Amazing Marketing Discoveries From the Past Week

In the offices of MONSTERS Unlimited, we have a collective passion for the strange and usual. Bigfoot has a well-known Buzzfeed addiction. And King Kong is constantly filling our inboxes with ridiculously weird links.

We even have trolls who literally do nothing all day but troll the Internet (we stopped paying them years ago but they refuse to leave). They actually look a lot like this dude from the movie Labyrinth:


Anyway, as a creative agency, we love to share strange marketing discoveries from the world wide web (or “www” for short) with each other. And this week we found a number of doozies. In fact, they were so out-there and interesting we felt compelled to share them with you today.

No need to troll around, here are the three most deliciously odd marketing nuggets you’ll see on the Internet today…

1. Go To Sleep With The Dude

This one comes to us courtesy of SquareSpace, where they believe “even the wildest ideas should come to life in a beautiful way”. And this one is wild:

It’s an entire album of “intriguing sounds, noise and other things” from Jeff Bridges. “Wow” does not even begin to describe the bizarre Bridges brilliance of this album. It’s bio-digital jazz at it finest. Experience it here.

Jeff Bridges Sleeping Tapes

2. Domino’s Pizza Gets (Too) Spicy

File this one in the “extremely disturbing marketing” category. We discovered this ad via an US Weekly post that begins with the sentence “OMG, make it go away”.

Apparently this an actual advertisement for Domino’s Sriracha Pizza in Israel that attempts to promote their new spicy pizza by connecting it to the book/upcoming movie 50 Shades of Grey. Nothing makes you hungry for pizza quite like seeing a tongue with a ball gag in its mouth… Repeat: In. Its. Mouth.

Dominos Spicy Ad

3. Your Own Personal Bolton

You know how you’ve always dreamed of hearing Michael Bolton say your name? Oh wait, you haven’t? You don’t even know who Michael Bolton is because you were born after 1991?

In that case, this effort from American Greetings that allows you to personalize and send your own Michael Bolton song to a loved one probably isn’t for you. Wait…who’s this for again?

Bolton Birthday Card

Until next time: Embrace the weird, humans!