Human Opinions: Bai with Christopher Walken

Watch the ad above!

If you know anything about the Speaking Human crew, you’ll understand why an ad featuring Christopher Walken made it into our Human Opinion list. There’s nothing this man can do that would make us unhappy. Very few actors exude the kind of charisma as Christopher Walken. His characters are unique to him. His cadence makes you pause. His style makes you laugh. He is truly unique.

And so we have this wonderfully weird out-of-the-blue spot to watch and re-watch, taking in all of his Walken glory. Sure, we might be a little smitten with his holiness. But the bond villain who eventually gave us more cowbell than we ever knew we needed shines bright in this Bai commercial. And although you don’t immediately know he’s quoting an NSYNC song from 1999, it doesn’t matter. Once he’s done, he gracefully pauses and turns to look at Justin Timberlake on the couch next to him. Why? We don’t know.

We can tell you that the pop song connection to the brand has had us thinking about the Bai drink for weeks. And now that we have Bai in the office, it immediately conjures up the song when anyone has it sitting on their desk. Genius? You tell us.