Watch the ad above!

Poo Pourri loves to use humor to diffuse an otherwise sensitive topic surrounding bathroom stink. It’s easy to see why their commercials have so many views on social channels, such as YouTube (this one is currently hovering around 2.5 million+) .

The interesting thing to note in this particular ad series is the hashtag that they associated with the campaign #SaveYourRelationshits. We realize that this humor may not go over well with everyone, but find it refreshing (pun intended) that they jump the line of what’s traditionally acceptable. Bathroom stench is often looked at as a social faux pas and is usually avoided at all costs – but not by Poo Pourri. The company has done a great job of using it to their advantage, shocking customers and leaving a wake of laughter in the process.

So what’s the verdict on Poo Pourri’s ad series? We can’t make the decision for you, but we can tell you that they’re consistently breaking the boundaries on what customers can expect from product advertising. Have an opinion? Tell us what you think by voting for or against it below.