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Episode 179: Has Prime’s Day Come and Gone?

We poke the potential bursting bubble of Logan Paul’s Prime drink brand to see if it pops and share a couple other products that consumers guzzled down in mass quantities then tossed aside.

Episode 177: 40 Years of Lost Beef

We turn our TV dials back four decades to analyze an iconic fast-food commercial featuring big fluffy buns and a spunky senior citizen asking one of the most important questions of our time.

Episode 174: The Solo-Snoop Smoke Storm

We apply heat to Solo Stove’s decision to ax their CEO after a viral campaign failed to ignite sales and ask the essential question “what is successful marketing?”

Episode 172: Wrangling the Marlboro Man

We smoke out the rough and rugged legacy of the iconic Marlboro Man marketing campaign that rode the trails of pop culture for over 40 years leaving many blackened lungs behind.

Episode 169: Best of Barbenheimer

We detonate our thoughts on the atomic pink meme machine that swallowed summer 2023 and share candidates for potential future Barbenheimers.

Episode 168: Liquid Death

We assassinate assumptions of what bottled water should be by spotlighting a darker, canned brand disrupting the industry with some killer marketing efforts.

Episode 166: To The Max

Get show notes for this episode and check out past episodes of the Speaking Human podcast by visiting

Episode 165: Shamrock Shakin’

We go green and toast the top o’ the morning by dipping into our pot of marketing gold to share a notable St. Paddy’s Day creative concoction.

Episode 164: Kia Logo Chaos

We rack our brains trying to google the “KN car” before turning our attention to Kia’s controversial logo redesign.

Human Interview: Caitlyn Gow

We talk with Caitlyn Gow, a student at the University of Akron, about her social media marketing class assignment and the choice to write about Discord.

Episode 161: Twitter’s New Musk

We get a whiff of what the Twitterverse will look like under Elon Musk, and weigh in on whether that’s a good or bad thing for the social network’s future.

Episode 160: Patagonia Goes Purpose

We take stock of Patagonia’s bold move for future ownership and ponder if other corporations might start to consider similar unorthodox succession plans.

Episode 158: Craziest Car Commercials

We hazard a second look at the AutoTrader spot that put the Duke boys back behind the wheel and burn rubber with our picks for the wildest auto ads ever to hit the airwaves.

Episode 155: Undead Advertising

We rise from the grave to relive the long-forgotten marketing war between DISH network and AMC, and feast on the flesh of other notable zombie-themed ads.

Episode 153: Snack to the Future

We take another bite out of the campaign that we talked 10 years ago on the very first episode of this podcast and munch on a couple other more recent snack-related marketing morsels.

Episode 152: 2021 Awesome Awards

We salute the bold, creative, and amusing marketing efforts that awed us with their awesomeness this year and made us think about something other than viruses… if only for a few sweet fleeting moments.

Episode 150: Man Eating Plants

We harvest our thoughts on the wild growth of plant-based foods and grill up some marketing efforts aimed at selling people on meatless meats.

Episode 148: I Want My MTV!

We tune in to the iconic marketing campaign and subsequent promo spots that helped make MTV a pop-culture juggernaut in the 80s and 90s.

Episode 145: Mystery Box

We unwrap the enigma behind a puzzling new trend more brands are adopting—but we can’t tell you what it is, you have to listen to unlock the secret.

Episode 144: Are Buy Buttons a Lie?

We buy into the idea that maybe “buy” is the wrong word for digital items like movies, TV shows, and music that customers may not actually own.

Episode 138: Paramount Plus

We scale the epic marketing campaign around the release of another major streaming service looking to join the ranks of Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Plus at the top of the mountain.

Episode 137: A-List Advertising

We assemble an all-star cast of top-level talent including Bruce Willis, Hugh Jackman, and Brie Larson to talk about the increasing appeal of ad campaigns for big-name actors.

Episode 133: Questions About Quibi

We quibble over whether all the quacks and quips about the failure of Quibi are well-deserved, and provide some quick reviews of the streaming platform’s bite-size content offerings.

Episode 132: Worst Sneakers Ever

We kick around some thoughts on Nike’s new Ben & Jerry’s-inspired footwear and share our personal picks for the ugliest sneaker designs of all time.

Episode 130: WFH Forever

We spitball—with face masks, of course—some creative ideas for take working from home to the next level now that it could be the forever future for many employees.

Episode 127: Going Viral

We pull down our protective masks to spread a few thoughts on how brands are responding to the coronavirus and the massive impact COVID-19 is having on marketing and events.

Episode 126: TikTok Bytes Social

We sound off on the current state of old-school social media and loop our thoughts on a pair of modern social apps looking to make some noise.

Episode 125: Killing Mr. Peanut

We focus our monocles on the untimely death of Mr. Peanut and tip our top hats to the ads that made us laugh, cry, and want to buy during Super Bowl 54.

Episode 123: Jingle All the Way

We deck the halls with our thoughts on the enduring appeal of Christmas music and chime in on this year’s crop of holiday ads.

Episode 121: The Peacock Effect

We fan out our thoughts on the name of NBC Universal’s new streaming platform and strut out our official ranking of streaming service names.

Episode 117: Brands Branching Out

We expand our horizons by talking about brands branching out from their core business or philosophy by launching unexpected products, services or media efforts—and discuss if that’s ever a good idea.

Episode 113: ABCs of Super Bowl Ads

We boil this year’s crop of Super Bowl commercials down to the ABCs—animals, bevs, and celebs—and tell you which brands won the big game in each of these key categories.

Episode 112: Flashback to 2009

We leap back in time to the age of Obama, netbooks, and The Black Eyed Peas to revisit some of the most notable brands, marketing, and pop culture of 2009.

Episode 110: Best Toys Ever

We come to play… with suggestions on the hottest gifts for kids this holiday season and share our picks for the greatest toys of all time.

Episode 109: Fall Maple Mania

We tap into the seasonal flavor that could be the next pumpkin spice and answer three burning questions about the past, present, and future of fall marketing.

Episode 107: Advertising Trivia Challenge

We test our knowledge of classic advertising campaigns by answering trivia questions about memorable commercials, slogans and brands that have permeated pop culture over the past several decades.

Episode 102: Brands of Summer

We sweat out the dog days of summer by shouting out a few key brands we strongly associate with the hot and sunny season.

Episode 98: Google Duplex

We make you wonder whether you’re listening to real people or artificial intelligence as we discuss Google’s latest innovation.

Episode 95: Best Brand Slogans

We snap, crackle and pop through decades of brand slogans from “Got milk?” to “Taste the rainbow” to determine which ones are the best of the best.

Episode 94: New Diet Coke

We guzzle down four new flavors of Diet Coke to tell you if they can beat the real thing and share our picks for favorite Coke can designs.

Episode 89: Top 3 Fall Movie Trailers

We gaze in wonder at the winner of our game of summer box office predictions, and share our picks for favorite fall movie trailers. This episode is like a great trailer—all of the best parts with none of the crap in between!

Episode 60: Chewbacca Mom

We howl like Wookiees as we watch a woman in a Chewbacca mask go viral and give Kohl’s enough free marketing to fill a Star Destroyer.

Episode 59: Squatty Potty

We squat with a mystical unicorn who teaches us about proper pooping technique as well as a few lessons for marketing around taboo topics.

Episode 58: Box Office Predictions

From Bourne and Bad Moms to Star Trek and Suicide Squad, we predict the five movies that will bank the most money at the box office this summer.

Human Interview: Jacob Farrar

We talk with Jacob Farrar, Director of the Taylor Institute for Direct Marketing at the University of Akron, about the education, interests and influence of the next generation of marketers.

Human Interview: Kelley Buttrick

We talk with voiceover artist Kelley Buttrick about the diverse work she does and the unique approach she has taken to market her services.

Episode 51: Periscope Marketing

We peer into Periscope to give you a glimpse of the popular new social platform and explore the value of live streaming as a marketing tool.

Episode 50: 2015 Awesome Awards

We recap the amazing, astonishing and awe-inspiring marketing feats of 2015 by presenting the winners of our second annual Awesome Awards.

Episode 48: Star Wars Overload?

We use the force to force our bodies to sit through an endless array of new marketing efforts incorporating a Star Wars theme while pondering the epic question: Is it ever a good idea to jump on the marketing bandwagon?

Episode 45½: Cannes Lions Winners

On this special bonus episode, we share our scattered thoughts on this year’s Cannes Lions award winners. Get ready to hear our roar because this podcast cannot be tamed!

Episode 44: Cornetto Two Sides

We experience young love from two different points of view via an interactive video from a frozen dessert maker. Get ready for a sweet podcast treat that may leave you with brain freeze!

Episode 43: Brand Mascot Reboots

We drop our drumsticks in disbelief as Colonel Sanders and The Hamburglar return from the marketing graveyard to win back our brand loyalty.

Episode 42: #LowesFixInSix

We consume clever home improvement tips in easily digestible six-second chunks and then regurgitate our thoughts on choosing the right social networks for your brand.

Episode 36: SNL Anniversary App

We swipe, tap and laugh through four decades of Saturday nights spanning from Belushi to Murphy to Carvey to Sandler to Ferrell to Fey to Samberg to Wiig.

Episode 35: Dreaming With Jeff

We nod off to the intriguing sounds, noises and grumblings of Jeff Bridges as he shows us how to bring our wildest dreams to life on the World Wide Web.

Episode 28: Halloween Horror from Bloodthirsty Brands

We terrify our listeners with blood-curdling reactions to the latest gruesome collection of horrifying Halloween commercials from ravenous brands who want to rip out your eyeballs, hold your beating heart in their hands and devour the dollars in your wallet.

Episode 27: Endless Fun With Fiat GIFS

We ride in a Fiat through a magical and twitchy world of crazy beats, horse heads and angry robots, all in hot pursuit of endless fun. My brain is melting!!!

Episode 26: iHeart Brand Name Changes?

We behold the amazing transformation that takes place when a caterpillar called Clear Channel creates a cocoon and emerges as the butterfly known as iHeartMedia.

Episode 22: Marvel-ous Marketing and the Female Thor

We marvel at the magnificent Marvel marketing machine by thoroughly examining Thor’s new anatomy, gauging audience expectations for Guardians of the Galaxy, and getting amped up early for the ultimate superhero sequel.

Episode 21: The Dukes of AutoTrader

We toast our 21st episode by taking 21 shots, jumping in a Dodge Charger with the Duke boys, and watching them outrun the law while surfing Yee-haw!!!

Episode 19: Want S’more Summer Marketing?

On this episode of the Speaking Human marketing podcast, we celebrate the arrival of summer by sitting around the campfire, singing along to the S’more Song, and discussing DQ’s new marketing campaign.

Episode 9: Holiday Marketing with the Griswolds

We flashback to the decade of alt rock, Topanga and Jumanji; exchange LOLs and OMGs with the Pope on Twitter; and celebrate the holidays with Clark Griswold and a pair of Old Navy pop pants.

Episode 8: Online Marketing Gangnam Style

We crown social media king of the porcelain palace, celebrate twenty years of finger-tapping talk, and get brand-brainwashed by the rhythm and motion of the most-watched YouTube video of all time.

Episode 3: Terrifying Tales from the Tablet Boom

We catch a buzz from all the extra bucks handed out by Starbucks, diagnose some common mistakes companies should avoid like the plague on their websites, and take a shot at the latest contributions from Amazon and Toys R Us to the tablet BOOM.

Episode 2: AMC Wages Zombie War with Dish Network

We talk about the one-billion-dollar bite Apple just took out of Samsung, discuss the infectious Internet virus that is “Call Me Maybe”, and review the zombie marketing war AMC has waged against Dish Network.


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